What is Word of Mouth? Word of Mouth is as simple as a product or service recommendation made by someone you know and trust. It has been found to be the most effective way to win new customers. According to an article posted on www.usefulsocialmedia.com, 91 percent of business-to-business buyers are influenced by Word of […]

You spend most of your time managing details. How much time do you spend managing your resources? How do you manage your people? What about your equipment and materials? Ineffective management of your resources can lead to lost productivity and lost revenue. Using the right software can help you organize and maximize your event management […]

Catering and Event Management software is a significant capital expenditure. Sadly, so many event professionals purchase a system and only use a small number of the software’s features. To make the most out of your software, take the time to investigate and understand all of the features offered and work them into your best practices. […]

Once everything is packed up and the lights are turned off, the final invoice is paid and the event is closed out, what happens next? What steps do you take to make sure you stay top-of-mind with your clients so that they remember you the next time they are planning an event. The thank you […]

A work standard is a written description or verbal agreement as to how a process should be done to create best practices. By implementing standardized processes across your organization, you have the opportunity to improve event management efficiencies, impact effectiveness, enhance measurement and forecasting, and drive productivity. Without consistent processes in place, discrepancies occur across […]